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Jon [Johnston]~

Thank you, Jon, for coming to the Jackson building from 7:30 until after 9 PM, and bringing Facilities in, to fix the dead thermostat during a Board Meeting!

Things were really heating up when Jon came to the rescue!! You are SO appreciated.



Randy [Evans]~

Thank You Randy for all you do for the Veterans within the LifeWays Navigation Program and Outside of LifeWays. Randy was nominated and accepted through the VA to be the Tigers Veteran of Game Day on August 24, 2022.

Congratulations to Randy, Well Deserved!

Susan A.


Audra [Hornbeck], LaShanda [Walker], Ashlee [Griffes]~

Before I sat in the Interim RR Officer chair, I never knew all that these 3 amazing colleagues did; so much more than RR investigations. They're a cohesive and knowledgeable team of skilled professionals.

I appreciate y'all a whole bunch!

Kenneth B.


Nurses [in Med Services]~

To our Med Services Registered Nurses for all the outstanding work they do for us assisting with our guest's health and medications around the clock with such caring compassion.

Thank you!

Vickie K and Allen A and the rest of CRU Team


Nikki [Winans]~

A big THANK YOU to Nikki Winans for always taking the time in helping, Listening and assist when needed.

Nikki is very patient In helping with difficult tasks in need along with problem solving. Thank you Nikki, We value all you do...

Vickie Kittle


Denae [Tracy] and Josh [Williams]~

Thank you for presenting at SHRM. Your presentation on Energy Distribution was AWESOME and very well received!!!!

Shannan C