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While working from home today-I had issues with the VPN connection. I contacted the Help Desk and Tom was very quick to jump right in and get my system up and running on the VPN!.

Thanks Tom for always coming to my rescue!

Brenda L


Derek Hargrove~

I wanted to make sure Derek was bragged about as he is still learning and this consumer was so grateful for Derek calling him numerous times each week since December 27, 2021.

[from the record]: Crisis Clinician provided consumer with a heavy comforter to keep him warm as he has no gas which meant he has no heat and is unwilling per his report to stay at shelter. Consumer was grateful of comforter and thanked this clinician, observed multiple blankets and pillows in car, also he reported appreciated "You guys for caring enough to bring this to me, I know I am not always easy, but thank you, tell Derek thanks to, you guys worked hard to help today."

Nikki W


Amanda Buehler~

Thank you for all the nominations you printed and filed in staff members' files the very day they were sent out!

That was a lot of extra work that you didn't even know was coming your way, but you smiled and tackled the project.

Thank you for your always-positive attitude!



James Webb~

Thank you for always being so dedicated and hard-working!

I needed to find coverage at the last minute, and I'd like to thank you for filling in for my shift. I really appreciate it!!



Robert Henries~

Per Nikki Winans: "While I was re-evaluating a consumer on 12/18, both the consumer and her mother, Rebecca, told me about their experience and interaction with Robert while ICSS was involved in the past.

They said how helpful Robert was and that they had never had someone talk to them in such as compassionate way and felt they were listened to."

Robert has an amazing soul and is a saint!!




Thank you so much for so quickly having a replacement computer along with a replacement dock ready for me when my hard drive was mysteriously almost full. I appreciate the immediate attention you gave to the matter at hand and to me!

I appreciate you!

Alexis Shapiro