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Chrissy Nault, Intern
Christine Nault
NP Intern
Johns Hopkins University
Delly DeBoe, Intern
Kelly DeBoe
BSW Intern
Spring Arbor University
Makenna Devine, Intern
Makenna Devine
BSW Intern
Spring Arbor University
Rebecca Smith, Intern
Rebecca Smith
MAC Student Intern
Liberty University
Robert Rodney, Intern
Robert Rodney
NP student Intern
Michigan State University
Savanna Clore, Intern
Savanna Clore
Wellness Intern
University of Michigan
Tabatha Sharlow, Intern
Tabatha Sharlow
MAC Intern
University of Phoenix


Brooke McAndrews, Temp, Door Screener
Brooke McAndrews
Door Screener
Catherine Runyon, 2-1-1 Temp
Catherine Runyon
Janet Scott, 2-1-1 Temp
Janet Scott
Scott Walker, DHHS.png
Scott Walker
DHHS ~ JobStar
Yudelkis Serrano-Diaz, 2-1-1 Temp
Yudelkis Serrano-Diaz